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URL info LORENTZ, Pascaline, David ŠMAHEL, Monika METYKOVÁ a Michelle WRIGHT. Children’s privacy management on social network sites. info MACHÁČKOVÁ, Hana, Martina ČERNÍKOVÁ, David ŠMAHEL a Zuzana OČADLÍKOVÁ. Information, Communication & Society, England, 2018, roč. Children’s Experiences and Awareness about Impact of Digital Media on Health. Analysis of patterns of app use and user characteristics. Functions of m Health applications: A user’s perspective. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, New York, USA: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2016, roč. URL info ČERNÍKOVÁ, Martina, David ŠMAHEL a Michelle WRIGHT. Who are mobile app users from healthy lifestyle websites? info ŠMAHEL, David, Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ a Steriani ELAVSKY. Individual differences associated with exposure to ‘‘ana-mia’’ websites: An examination of adolescents from 25 European countries. URL info ELAVSKY, Steriani, David ŠMAHEL a Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ. info ALMENARA, Carlos Arturo, Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ a David ŠMAHEL. Associations between online friendship and Internet addiction among adolescents and emerging adults. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 2012, roč.

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Living in the Digital Age: Self-Presentation, Networking, Playing, and Participating in Politics. Editorial for Special issue of Communications info ŠEVČÍKOVÁ, Anna, Lukas BLINKA, Alena ČERNÁ, Lenka DĚDKOVÁ, Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ a David ŠMAHEL. Extent Matters: Exposure to Sexual Material Among Czech Adolescents. info ŠEVČÍKOVÁ, Anna, Jan ŠEREK, Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ a David ŠMAHEL.

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Developmental Psychology, Washington: American Psychological Association, 2012, roč.

Differences in the Teen Blogosphere: Insights from a Content Analysis of English- and Czech-Language Weblogs.

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